What we and our teachers offer

We currently have over 40 music and language teachers at our school who have been approved through LMAT.

Our teachers are fun, friendly, active musicians who have a wide portfolio of public performances. As they are LMAT approved they also have the minimum of the following:

  • Grade 8 in their 1st instrument/Diploma for Language and native speaking
  • Grade 6 in their 2nd Instrument
  • Relevant teaching qualification
  • Minimum 4 years teaching experience
  • LMAT method training
  • Advanced CRB check
  • Portfolio of high profile public performances
  • Music reading at Grade 8 level

Each teacher also has a style of music that they specialise in so we can match you up to the right teacher. Our teachers also understand that as you grow older your taste in music and direction can change and they are only too glad to recommend another teacher at our school who specialises in your new musical conquest.

Head of Departments:

We also have Heads of departments for each instrument to keep on top of your goals and to organise all your exams, performances and development. They are also there to administer the smooth change between teachers and to offer free advice and workshops to parents.